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Mass Migration of Sea Birds

30 Aug

There is a mass migration of Sea Birds observed off west coast annually. Elsewhere on Facebook, Rex I. De Silva who studied these migrants over many years mentioned that this mass migration of seabirds should reach a maximum within the next week or two. Rex further added that The heavy rain forecast for tomorrow (Sunday 31st) should make conditions ideal for observing the seabird mass migration. It is best to start as early in the day as possible – ideally around 6.30 a.m. He says that as the day advances the birds will tend to fly farther away.

Rex requests the birdwatchers to be on the alert for Flesh-footed Shearwaters, Pomarine Jaegers and Brown Skuas. If any of you can visit the coastal areas tomorrow morning, try to observe this Sea Birds migration and share your observations..!!

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