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MigrantWatch lecture on rescuing migratory birds

27 Oct


Launching of MigrantWATCH 2016/17

30 Oct

#MigrantWATCH 2016/17 has been officially launched today at University of Colombo. Prof.Sarath Kotagama delivered a lecture on Bird Migration and the kind of birds that migrate to Sri Lanka.

MigrantWATCH was launched on 29th of October 2011 exactly five years ago and its history together with the objectives of the MigrantWATCH too has been explained to the 80+ strong audience. An captivating video on Bird Migration particularly compiled for MigrantWATCH 2016/17 by Jeewa Mendis charmed the audience.

Photos by Rukmal Ratnayake


img_1502img_1515 img_1525
migrantwatch-5 20161029_102629

Lecture on ‘Changing Patterns of Bird Migration’

27 Oct

MigrantWATCH 2016/17 event – a public lecture on ‘Changing Patterns of Bird Migration’ by Prof.Sarath Kotagama is organized on 29th.October at Department of Zoology, University of Colombo. A number of rare migrant birds were recorded in colombo suburbs including Comb Duck, so a field visit to Thalawathugoda wetland too has been organized to observe the visitors who settle in the city on Sunday, 30th of October.

These MigrantWATCH events are free and open for non-members as well, so be free to invite your friends who are interested..!! FOGSL also welcome the kids – the birders of next generation.



Flyer for first field observation under MigrantWATCH 2016/17

MigrantWATCH 2014/15 Main Event: Lecture on Migrants of SriLanka & Birding at Thalangama

27 Sep

‪#‎migrantWATCH‬ event on 27th.September: As we reach the peak of this migratory season, the main event of MigrantWATCH 2014/15 was held today at University of Colombo. The lecture on the topic “Migrant Birds of Sri Lanka” was done by Prof.Devaka Weerakoon to an audience of about 100 who attentively listened to the interesting facts on Migrant Birds. On behalf of MigrantWATCH team; Malaka Rodrigo had given an update of MigrantWATCH activities of the season while Prof.Sarath Kogatama opened the floor explaining the importance of observation of Migrant Birds.

A special lecture on “Palaeobiodiversity of Sri Lanka with emphasize on Birds” by Kelum Manamendra-Arachchi has also been organized together with MigrantWATCH event by the Biodiversity Secretariat of Ministry of Environment has organized this special lecture.


28th.September: Field Visit to Thalangama for migrants and other common birds

Birding was conducted on Sunday morning to a large crowd gathered at Thalangama wetland. There were lot of new comers who enjoyed birding.

1 Prof.Kotagama and Malaka

2 Prof.Kotagama doing introduction 3

3 Prof.Kotagama doing introduction

4 Records of MigrntWATCH - malaka Rodrigo


Barn Swallow colony - malaka presentation

Blue-tailed Bee-eaters - also having a breeding population

Busy in buying publications

Devaka BrownNody

from Dillys & Carlos

Getting memberships

Getting ready to Thalangama

Kusum drawing the agenda Lecture by Prof.Devaka Weerakoon 2

Lecture by Prof.Devaka Weerakoon

Outside exhibition 2

Outside exhibition

participants - upul distributing leaflets


Participants attentively listening to the lecture

participants checking publications

People networking end enjoying the refreshments

People networking end enjoying the refreshments2

People networking end enjoying the refreshments3

prof.devaka - Barn Swallow

Prof.devaka - Birds that migrate

prof.devaka - brown noddy

Prof.Devaka - Greater Flamingo

prof.devaka - Other migrants

Prof.devaka - Where birds spend

prof.devaka 2

Prof.devaka 3



September MigrantWATCH lecture and Birding at Thalangama

25 Sep

Migrant Birds of Sri Lanka - Lecture & Birding session at Thalangama

Launch of lecture series on Island Biodiversity

22 Feb

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has dedicated year 2014 to the value of “Island Biodiversity”. Sri Lanka is already recognised as one of the biodiversity hotspot of the world and being an island (along with India’s Western Ghats) has helped higher concentrations of endemic. Starting the FOGSL lecture series under the theme “Birds of Sri Lanka: Splendor of Island Biodiversity” prof.Devaka Weerakoontalked about why Island biodiversity is important, how Sri Lanka became a Biodiversity Hotspot and need to take action to conserve our threatened biodiversity.

Lecture - Island Biodiversity - Prof.Devaka Weerakoon


1 - Starting the lecture - Splendour of Island Biodiversity




1 - Prof.Deavaka Weerakoon delivering the lecture

Prof.Devaka Weerakoon


3 - Sri Lanka Endemicity




7 - Threatened species of Sri Lanka

8 - What is Island Biodiversity

9 - Within species - Genetic diversity

10 - Between species - Species Diversity

11 - Colonization of Island 2

11 - Colonization of Island

12 - Sri Lanka - from just land to a biodiversity hotspot

13 - Evolutionary links with Australia

14 - Evolutionary links with Africa (Madagascar)

15 - Separation from India

16 - Adam's Bridge - link to the India continued

16 - Grey Francolin - Indian species found in North

17 - Collared Dove - an Indian Species in Jaffna

18 - Indian Courser - an Indian Species in Jaffna (little population left)

19 - Spot-billed Duck

20 - Crab Plover

21 - Black Kite

22 - Long-tailed Shrike

23 - Butterflies restricted to North

24 - Butterflies restricted to North 2









33 - Hill Country birds




Audience - 1

Audience 2


Ishan sharing his record of Eye-browed Thrush 2

Kusum sharing World Wetland Day trip experience

Nashath - sharing Galoya Trip experience