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Great Knots at Bundala Lagoon

31 Aug

The FOGSL Bird Ringing team at Bundala reports arrival of migrant shore birds. Here is a note by Dr.Sampath Seneviratne about sighting of Great Knot bird ringing sessions from 27th to 29th August 2014 . 

Very high numbers of arriving winter migrants at Bundala Lagoon over the past few days. The prevailing drought had opened up the lagoon shore at the southern side of the lagoon near the Saltern, where most of the shorebirds and other aquatic birds have been seen. Two GREAT KNOT were the highlight among high numbers of shorebirds. Both birds are molting with one almost retains its breeding plumage. This species is a regular but a rare migrant come to Sri Lanka and it is a globally threatened shorebirds species. There were 550 – 600 SPOT-BILLED PELICAN and 150 SPOONBILL among the crowd as well.

Great Knots at Bundala Lagoon – 27th to 29th August 2014 (c) Chandima Fernando

Great Knots at Bundala Lagoon – 27th to 29th August 2014 (c) Chandima Fernando

Great Knots at Bundala Lagoon – 27th to 29th August 2014 (c) Chandima Fernando


Migration of Mammals: lecture by Dr.Prithiviraj Fernando

30 Nov

The 3rd lecture of MigrantWATCH 2013/14 has been delivered by Dr.Prithviraj Fernando on the subject “Migration of Mammals with special reference to Elephants”. The lecture contained information about the different species of Mammalian Species. Using the research data of radio-collared Elephants over a period of time; Dr.Pruthu explained the different level of Elephant Movements in Sri Lanka.

An update about the activities of MigrantWATCH 2013/14 during the month of November too has been presented to the members by MigrantWATCH co-coordinators. Members shared their observation of migrants during the past few weeks.


















Update of MigrantWATCH 2013/14 activities of month of October/November.


Prof.Kotagama making announcement about Bird Month and the Mammals of Sri Lanka


Exhausted Indian Pitta rescued in Wellawatte

26 Nov
On 29th October, we could rescue an exhausted Indian Pitta found in a garden in Wellawatte. Sena Fernando who is an active participant ofMigrantWATCH 2013/14 alerted us about an exhausted bird found in his friend – Manel Fernando’s house in Francis Lane. The Indian Pittahas been later brought to University of Colombo and given water (as shown in the first image). Some earth worms too has been offered to the exhausted bird. The Indian Pitta was found fit enough to manage on its own in the afternoon and after putting a ring, the Indian Pitta has been released to a suitable location in the evening.
Indian Pitta - Wellawatte - 29.10.2013 (c) Saminda Fernando (giving water)
Indian Pitta - Wellawatte - 29.10.2013 (c) Saminda Fernando (low res1)
We would like to share your interesting observations through FOGSL newsletter ‘Malkoha’. Do please send your migrantWATCH data sheets too.

MigrantWATCH session 2 –> Birding at Thalangama Tank

9 Nov

The second birding session at Thalangama Tank under MigrantWATCH 2013/14 has been held at last sunday, 27th.October. Prof.Sarath Kotagama guided the team from 6.30 – 09.30 am in the morning observing the rich bird life around the Thalangama tank. Blue-tailed Bee-eaters, Brown Shrikes and an Asian Brown Flycatcher were among the migrants that everybody could observe at the site.

click on the link for the list of birds seen during the 2nd MigrantWATCH birding (compiled by Nashath) Birds at Thalangama 27 10 13

zBirding at Thalangama - 27.Oct - THE GROUP PHOTO

zBirding at Thalangama - 27.Oct - Mobile migrantWATCH unit

zBirding at Thalangama - 27.Oct - Looking for birds 2

zBirding at Thalangama - 27.Oct - Nashath showing the Asian Brown Flycatcher

zBirding at Thalangama - 27.Oct - checking for a bird in the guide

zBirding at Thalangama - 27.Oct - Dr.Sampath pointing at a bird

zBirding at Thalangama - 27.Oct - Kids watching the birds

zBirding at Thalangama - 27.Oct - a little birder
zBirding at Thalangama - 27.Oct - Praki and others zBirding at Thalangama - 27.Oct - The Mobile MigrantWATCH

zBirding at Thalangama - 27.Oct - walking for bird

zBirding at Thalangama - 27.Oct 2

zBirding at Thalangama - 27.Oct

zBirding at Thalangama - Kids enjoy birding- 27.Oct 2

zIntro by prof.

zPurple Heron

Lecture2: Mysteries of Migration by prof.Devaka Weerakoon

1 Nov

There are plenty of secrets on bird migration Ornithologists trying to unravel. Prof.Devaka Weerakoon addressed the 2nd lecture of the MigrantWATCH 2013/14 titled ‘Mysteries of Migration’ held at University of Colombo on 26th of October. The complete presentation by Prof.Weerakoon is attached herewith for your reference. Please do give copyrights to FOGSL, if you use any of the slides.

Mystery of Migration – Presentation by Prof.Devaka Weerakoon

Here are some photos from the event. The progress of MigrantWATCH 2013/14 has also been presented.

MigrantWATCH lecture - by Prof.Devake 2

MigrantWATCH lecture - audience

MigrantWATCH lecture - by Malaka
MigrantWATCH lecture - by Prof.Devake

MigrantWATCH lecture - by Prof.Devake3

MigrantWATCH lecture - by Prof.Devaka

MigrantWATCH lecture - The Progress


MigrantWATCH 2013/14: Birding at Thalangama Tank

2 Oct

The birding sessions at Thalangama Tanks has been a highly successful event with over 120 birders flocked together. The session started at 6.30 in the morning and went on until 9.00am. Early migrants, the Blue-tailed Bee-eaters were among those who greeted the team while the introductory talk is been given. Total of 48 species has been recorded during the birding session. FOGSL plans to visit Thalangama Tank every last Sunday of the month for birding, so those who are interested are welcome to join. (photo credits: Udara Samaraweera, Narmadha Dangampola, Kusum Fernando, Chanuka Wattegama, Chatura Lasantha Galagedara)

MigrantWATCH 2013 - Group Photo of Birding at Thalangama (c) Narmadha Dangampola

MigrantWATCH - Thalangama 29.09.2013 2(c) Narmadha Dangampola

MigrantWATCH - Thalangama 29.09.2013 (c) Narmadha Dangampola

MW day 2 - Birding at Thalangama 3

MW day 2 - Birding at Thalangama









Taking the tally list

Taking the tally list 2

Contributing to the final tally list

MigrantWATCH 2013/14: Lecture on Waders and other Migrant Birds

2 Oct

The MigrantWATCH 2013/14 has been launched on with events on 28th and 29th on september.2013. A lecture by Sri Lanka’s foremost Ornithologist; Prof.Sarath Kotagama on ‘Waders and Other Migrants’ has been held at New Biology Lecture Theatre (NBLT) at University of Colombo. About 150 has participated the event. (Photo credits: Udara Samaraweera, Kusum Fernando)









MW day 1 - Crowd