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Illustrated talk on Migratory Birds of Sri Lanka

20 Oct

The MigrantWATCH 2016/17 was launched on 24th.September with a lecture by Vimukthi Weeratunga – a veteran photographer and a well known wildlife biologist who has also headed the Biodiversity Unit of IUCN Sri Lanka. Using his photographs of some of the rare migrants, Vimukthi discussed the importance of observations of migrant birds. He has also mentioned the threats these migrants face sighting the example of Flamingos that had abandoned Bundala Wetland.


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MigrantWATCH 2014/15 launched

30 Aug

The MigrantWATCH 2014/15 was launched on Saturday 30th.August 2014 with a lecture by Prof.Sarath Kotagama on ‘Bird Migration’. Prof.Kotagama revealed some of the mysteries of bird migration and reasons why Sri Lanka is a preferred spot for birds migrate through Central Asian Flyway. Nearly 40% of birds of Sri Lanka migrate and end August to April is the main season for Winter Migrants. Coordinator of MigrantWATCH – Malaka Rodrigo shared the plans for this season’s MigrantWATCH to the participants.

Stay tune with FOGSL’s social media channels and for more updates on MigrantWATCH 2014/15. Following are some selected photos from the launch of MigrantWATCH 2014/15.

MW - Lecture by Prof.Kotagama 1

Mw - Lecture by Prof.Kotagama 2


Mw - malaka on MigrantWATCH 2

MW - Lecture by Prof.Kotagama 3 MW - Lecture by Prof.Kotagama 4

MW - Lecture by Prof.Kotagama 5


MW - Lecture by Prof.Kotagama 7


MW - Lecture by Prof.Kotagama 10

MW - Lecture by Prof.Kotagama 11

MW - Lecture by Prof.Kotagama 12

MW - Lecture by Prof.Kotagama 13

MW - Malaka on MigrantWATCH 3

MW - Malaka on MigrantWATCH 4