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RIP Pitta

16 Nov

Udaya Karunaratne on 15.11.2016 reported an Indian Pitta that got slammed into a glass window and got critically injured. It is common that disoriented Indian Pittas and many other species of migrants hit on windows. It is adviced to switch off / dim the lights at night if birds continue to hit on your window. ‘What a pity’ sighs Udaya.


Opening my front door to a pitta..!!

13 Nov

FOGSL Member Will Duncan shares his excitement on seeing migratory Indian Pitta at doorstep of his own house..!!

“Pittas, sometimes referred to as the jewels of the forest, are keenly sought after by birdwatchers around the world. Absent in Europe and the Americas, birdwatchers from these continents spend hours, days or even weeks hunting for these elusive, beautiful, enigmatic and simply awesome birds. We in Sri Lanka are lucky to have one of these jewels the Indian Pitta as a visitor between the months of October and May. But that doesn’t mean they are easy to see!

At about 5pm on 17th October, the fairly familiar sound of purple-faced leaf monkeys galloping over our rooftop in Thalawathugoda interrupted my daughters violin practice and I decided to open the front door to see if they stayed. They hadn’t but my attention was drawn to a pair of red-vented bulbuls low down in a palm about 2 metres from my front door…but only for a second as my gaze fell to the floor below, and the ‘jewel’ that just stood there, looking at me.

I froze, literally frightened it would go before the rest of the family could share this experience, before I could grab my camera to record this event I had been hoping for since moving to Colombo 3 years ago. I whisper-shouted to my daughter and the pitta stayed. I grabbed my camera and the pitta stayed. It stayed, actively feeding and hopping around the palms and bushes just outside my front door until darkness fell. The bird was gone by morning. Having spent days, hours and almost weeks myself searching for pittas in Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo and the Philippines, actually opening my front door to a pitta was extraordinary and I will never forget it. Neither will my jealous birding friends from the UK!”



MigrantWATCH 2016/17: The Pitta Week

21 Oct

Past records indicates that lot of Indian Pitta arrive Sri Lanka at latter part of October. Based on records shared on this FB group, a number of pitta arrived this week. It is expected more are on the way, so let’s keep an eye on the Indian Pitta on coming week as well.

Being a stockier bird, Indian Pitta show more tendency to get exhausted by its long flight as number of tired pittas found in home gardens during this period of time. So let’s pay little more attention to such troubled migrants, specially on this last week of October.

Herewith sharing one of the past article posted on MigrantWATCH blog on exhausted migrants found during month of October –

Please share your records of sighting of Indian Pitta and other migrants.

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Indian Pitta - Will Duncan - 17.10.2016 - Thalawathugoda

Indian Pitta – Will Duncan – 17.10.2016 – Thalawathugoda


Exhausted Indian Pitta rescued in Wellawatte

26 Nov
On 29th October, we could rescue an exhausted Indian Pitta found in a garden in Wellawatte. Sena Fernando who is an active participant ofMigrantWATCH 2013/14 alerted us about an exhausted bird found in his friend – Manel Fernando’s house in Francis Lane. The Indian Pittahas been later brought to University of Colombo and given water (as shown in the first image). Some earth worms too has been offered to the exhausted bird. The Indian Pitta was found fit enough to manage on its own in the afternoon and after putting a ring, the Indian Pitta has been released to a suitable location in the evening.
Indian Pitta - Wellawatte - 29.10.2013 (c) Saminda Fernando (giving water)
Indian Pitta - Wellawatte - 29.10.2013 (c) Saminda Fernando (low res1)
We would like to share your interesting observations through FOGSL newsletter ‘Malkoha’. Do please send your migrantWATCH data sheets too.