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It is DECEMBER: The Bird Counting Month

6 Dec
DECEMBER - the Bird Counting Month
Birds are a common sight in Sri Lanka but we often fail to appreciate them. To increase the awareness about our feathered friends, Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL) launched its annual nationwide program ‘The Bird Counting Month’ in 2003 also with the aim to assess and study the distribution and presence of birds in Sri Lanka – even on our home garden level.
December has been declared Bird Counting Month as migrant birds too peak in December. This year, the Bird Counting Month will also coincide with MigrantWATCH 2013/14. So have a special focus on Migrants, but don’t forget to record the common birds that usually slips our attention.
For the sample data sheet that can be used for recording your observations and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Bird Counting Month; please click on the links below..
Be free to pass this information inviting your friends too to observe the birds around them..!!