Are tall buildings trouble migrants visiting Sri Lanka..??

20 Sep

It is reported that millions of birds are killed each year in collisions with the tall buildings elsewhere in the world. Lights in the high rising structures are particular death traps, so in some cities of USA, the unwanted lights of the buildings are switched off or purposely dimmed to minimize the damage during peak of the migratory seasons. Development has reached Sri Lanka and there are lots of sky-scrapers mushrooming in main cities. There are communications towers too erected in many places. Have these become death traps to many of the migrant birds in Sri Lanka..?

Let’s try to find our whether tall buildings trouble migrants visiting Sri Lanka too.

(1) If your workplace is at a tall building, keep an eye for injured / death birds found in vicinity. Perhaps you can ask the department / or the external agency that carry out cleaning / janitorial services to alert you if such bird is found as they will be the first to encounter such troubled migrants.

(2) If the bird is dead, you can simply take a photo for the records (using a mobile phone..?) and email or share on FB page

(3) If the bird is alive and injured, protect them from dogs, cats, crows, shikras etc. and monitor whether it recovers itself. Handle them gently only if necessary and keep them in a dark, quiet and warm place if too weak to fly. You can contact MigrantWATCH team on following numbers for more instructions 0718440144/ 0712289022/ 0777356931

(2) Please share past records on cases where migrants collide on buildings at onset of toward the end of migratory season.

This Slaty-legged Crake was rescued from Lucky Plaza building in Colombo during first MigrantWATCH held in 2011..

Slaty-legged Crake2 - lucky Plaza Building - 17.11.2013

Slaty-legged Crake - lucky Plaza Building - 17.11.2013



Let’s try to help the migrants..!!


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