Launch of MigrantWATCH 2014/15

25 Aug

It is again the time to welcome our feathered friends – the migratory birds..!! Majority of them will start arriving Sri Lanka within next few weeks; hence FOGSL launches its annual program MigrantWATCH 2014/15 with a lecture by Prof.Sarath Kotagama on Bird Migration on Saturday 30th.August at University of Colombo.

MigrantWATCH aims to promote observing migratory birds and their conservation. The program was founded in 2011 and held several successful events during last migratory season. The 30th.August session will also be an opportunity to suggest your own ideas for this season’s MigrantWATCH as the workplan will be finalized. The lecture and forum is open for all; so be free to attend the session also bringing your colleagues..!!

Visit for moments of last season’s MigrantWATCH events..!!

MigrantWATCH 2014&15 - The Bird Migration - by Prof.S.W.Kotagama


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