Field Trip to Sinharaja for Forest Birds

8 Mar

The Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL) under year 2014 theme “Birds of Sri Lanka: Splendour of Island Biodiversity” organizes a special field visit to celebrate the International Day of Forests fallen on 21st of March to highlight importance of Forests. The trip will be from 21st – 23rd of March (3 days).

International Day of Forest - FOGSL Field Visit to Sinharaja Rainforest

Photos taken during the pilot visit to arrange the trip by Ajith Gamage and Kusum Fernando.

Blue and White Flycatcher - 02.03.2014 - Sinharaja - First Record from Sri Lanka (c) Ajith GamageBlue and White Flycatcher – first record of Sri Lanka (c) Ajith Gamage

Blue Magpie - 02.03.2014 - Sinharaja (c) Ajith Gamage

Sri Lanka Blue Magpie

Forest Eagle Owl - 02.03.2014 - Sinharaja (c) Ajith Gamage

Forest Eagle Owl (ulama)

Frogmouth - 02.03.2014 - Sinharaja (c) Ajith Gamage


Serendib Scops Owl - 02.03.2014 - Sinharaja (c) Ajith Gamage

Serendib Scops Owl

Spurfowl - 02.03.2014 - Sinharaja (c) Ajith Gamage






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