Orange-headed Ground Thrush past records

4 Dec

FOGSL’s Dr.Sampath Seneviratne found a sub-adult Orange-headed Ground Thrush from Malabe 03rd of December night. The bird had a slight eye infection and Sampath took him to the Vet for further inspections. The bird spent the time happily in his washroom with a ferocious appetite for earth worms!!! If all goes well; Sampath was planning to release the bird during the weekend; but unfortunately the bird died.

Orange Headed Ground Thrush is a beautiful migrant. The elusive migrant has been more frequently recorded from different part of Sri Lanka.

Sandun Perera wrote for SIYOTH on his observation of Orange-headed Ground Thrush seeing in Buttala, also reviewing the other sightings…

siyoth-2-pg43-45 – Orange headed ground trush by Sandun Perera

Chamali Marasinghe/ Niraj Marasinghe writes to MALKOHA – Dec, 2005 about sighting of an Orange-headed Ground Thrush from Panadura. Mewan Piyasena reports a sighting from Wilpattu..

Malkoha_December, 2005 – Observation of OHGT from Panadura and Wilpattu


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