The Mysteries of Migration – lecture by Prof.Devaka Weerakoon

23 Oct

There are plenty of secrets on bird migration Ornithologists trying to unravel. How does some birds fly tens of thousands of kilometers, how do they find the exact locations year by year..? These are only some mysteries. The National Bird Ringing Program initiated in 2005 has given some insights to the migratory birds of Sri Lanka. The recent Bird Ringing Camp was held at Bundala last week.

But it is not only the birds – there are other migratory animals ranging from giant whales to tiny butterflies. Sri Lanka could also be in path of a Dragonfly migration.

ProfDevaka Keerthi Weerakoon will deliver a lecture on Mysteries of Migration of birds and other species as part of lecture series organized inline with MigrantWATCH 2013/14. An update on National Bird Ringing Program’s latest ringing camp and a progress of MigrantWATCH 2013/14 will also be shared. The Thalangama Tank birding session will be held on Sunday 27th.october from 6.30am onwards.

FOGSL welcome you all for these events…!!

The Mysteries of Migration - by Prof.Devaka Weerakoon - 26th.Oct


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