Migrant Watch 2011/12 Report

26 Aug

To raise awareness on the migrant birds, FOGSL launched MigrantWatch in October 2011. This has been timed where many exhausted migrants like Indian Pitta were mostly recorded on this period of time on previous years. A special logo has been revealed and through media, the public and membership has been informed about the MigrantWatch.

In addition to birds, the MigrantWatch also aimed at raising awareness on the possible Dragonfly Migration. The evidence of possibility of such a migration was first spotted by FOGSL member Nashath and subsequent search made the time closely resemble with the dates Dragonflies were spotted in Maldives.

MigrantWatch activities were widely publicized through Media and we got lots of response on sighting of migrants. In additions, records of large dragonfly swarms were reported from different parts of the country.

The lives of atleast 10 birds too could be saved as a result of awareness built through MigrantWatch. 4 birds were handed over to FOGSL members and been rescued while instructions were given on how to handled the exhausted migrants and release them.

Following is the list of rescued Migrants…

  • Slaty-legged Crake: Found in Lucky Plaza building in Colpetty. Released at Kollonnawa marsh
  • Slaty-legged Crake: Found near Lakehouse. Released at Kollonnawa marsh
  • Indian Pitta: Found at Mutwel garden.
  • Indian Pitta: Found at Mt.Lavinia. Released at Attidiya
  • Indian Pitta: Found at Matara. Flew on its own after a day of relaxing
  • Indian Pitta: Kurunegala. Reported over phone and instructions were given on how to handle
  • Slaty-legged Crake: Kalubowila. Reported over phone and instructions were given on how to handle

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